call me strix!

aka mormo(roi), protomartyr;

  • birthdayApril 20-27
  • genderQweird
  • favourite holidayHalloween jack o lantern
  • likesAncient history, Religions, Podcasts, Anime (seinen pref.), TTRPGS, Drawing, The idea of crocheting
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the moon

i discovered the indieweb through neocities in 2020 after gaining the idea to write capax infiniti. it gave me something to do during the pandemic (since my first year of uni was subsequently half-cancelled) and taught me that coding wasn't as daunting as i'd always assumed. since then, i've fallen in love with personal websites and the power of customizing your own space outisde the social media hegemony.

anyway, enough proselytizing: i'm obsessed with coding, so i can't wait to fill this site with useless curios and half-baked html.

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